A week long extravaganza

About E-Week

Under the guidance of NEN, CEL organises E-Week every year in the month of February.It is a week long extravaganza, comprising of events promoting the entrepreneurship culture, organized in its entirety by the first year undergraduate students of CEL. Having one of the most major events of the year under the helm of the first year students, provides an unparalleled opportunity and exposure. Such is the excitement for the same, that it is now an indispensable part of the BITSian calendar.

In accordance with the theme put forward by NEN, E-Week at BITS not only aims to promote the entrepreneurial spirit on campus but also lays emphasis on the need for innovation in everyday activities carried out at the grassroot levels. With a variety of exciting events and competitions, EWeek promises to test,year after year, the entrepreneurial wits and skills of participating students, ranging from management to marketing to creative thinking.


BITS Pilani's very own food fiesta

Bedrock is an event organized by CEL during E-week with an intent to give participants a hands-on experience at running a business. The groups are given control of a restaurant in the local market and they have to run the place with a goal to maximize profits. They are given a freedom to do whatever they want with the restaurant including changes in menu, discount offers, ambiance etc. It gives them an opportunity to be involved with the different aspects of a business and realize all the dynamics of it. With some unplanned problems coming their way during the event, the experience surely helps them work on a venture in future.

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