About Startup Sphere

Startup Sphere is one of the more recent projects undertaken by CEL with the aim of facilitating the startup ecosystem and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship on campus. Through its various initiatives Startup Sphere aspires to develop a conducive environment for entrepreneurship and provide all necessary opportunities to startups in BITS.

As part of the project, a number of meets and workshops are organized so as to help startups deal with various issues and aid fresh ideas blossom into successful ventures. Often talks and interactions with mentors from reputed organizations are conducted so as to establish a hotline for these startups. So far a number of speakers including heads of companies and founders of startups have visited campus and have not only reviewed different ideas but have also made pertinent suggestions. Moreover in attempt to create a platform, tailor made for these startups, all resources at the disposal of CEL are made available to them.

A relatively recent addition to this project has been the inception of Startup Sphere Sessions, popularly known as S3. These sessions are held at regular intervals and aim to introduce participants to skills that are of utmost relevance and requirement in present times. Topics dealt with thus far include graphic designing, video editing, MS Excel and the likes. Another key feature of Startup Sphere is a regularly published newsletter, under the same name, which discusses latest developments in the entrepreneurial world and trends in the startup ecosystem.

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